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It was a late November evening in 2010 when Kerryn received a “you up?” text from a long lost friend, Jerell Brown. She hesitated wondering what this young mans intent was. Although trying to rest up for church, she replied knowing he most likely would have to be up early for church as well. The conversation lasted all night... then stretched to days and was filled with butterflies, goosebumps, and smiles. Until December 30th 2010, Jerell asked Kerryn to be his girlfriend.. and the the rest was history! 

Aha! That was Kerryn’s version of the story. Jerell is sure enough bound to debate on “our story” description! ???? Nevertheless, we started dating December of 2010 at 17 & 18 years old and went through the typical highs and lows of a teenage relationship. We’ve love and supported each other through high school, college, careers, and more! After almost 7 1/2 years of dating, Jerell popped the question in a way he knew would touch Kerryn’s heart. A proposal that included her preschool students asking “Will you marry him?” It was absolutely beautiful and genuinely thought out! Of course, she said YES! So now you know the background of their story but thinking about how much they have have to learn, grow, and love.. just know their STORY IS JUST BEGINNING!